Absolutely no previous knowledge or experience is necessary.

When: Thursday mornings, 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM, Starts Sept 8, 2016

Instructor: Fran Cowie, American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) Accredited Bridge Teacher

Cost: $100 for 10 consecutive lessons on Thursday mornings plus $12 for text book

Where:  Orlando Metropolitan Bridge Center
756 Bennet Road, Orlando FL 32803-5205 (Click Here for Directions)

Lesson Breakdown

Lesson 1 Getting Started – The Mechanics
Lesson 2 Roles & Objectives
Lesson 3 Roles & Objectives – Practice Hands
Lesson 4 Responses to 1 No Trump Opener
Lesson 5 Responses to Opening Bids of One in a Suit
Lesson 6 Rebids by Opener
Lesson 7 Rebids by Responder
Lesson 8 Overcalls and Advances
Lesson 9 Takeout Doubles and Advances
Lesson 10 The Stayman Convention

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Call or email with Questions

For more information or to sign up call:

Fran Cowie at 407-754-0428 or email